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Family C.

  • Children's ages: 10, 13, 18

L. and E. are young parents with 3 children, amongst them 1 child who is mentally retarded. The parents are simple people, the father works at a physically difficult job and earns minimum wage. For many years L. had no teeth and had to work in warehouses far from human eyes. With the help of charity organisations he received false teeth, despite his young age. E. his wife is a sickly woman and can not go out to work. The family is a very simple and poor family who are undergoing many difficulties. The parents are warm people who do their best to build a warm home for their children and provide their with all their necessities. At the home visit we were shocked at the situation of the house and the empty fridge. It looks like, despite the parents’ efforts, the children often suffer from a lack of food.