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Family h.

  • Children's ages: 2, 5, 7, 10, 11, 14, 16

The financial pressure was the primary cause of their divorce. Worry, debt and endless arguments over even the smallest expenditure. The marriage counselor who began working with them at the very last second, saved the entire home. Both parents work full time jobs, but don’t manage to support their family of 9, pay bills, cover the rent, and afford groceries. Both of them are dedicated parents, neither had difficult upbringings other than growing up to families in extreme poverty. Who decided that poverty has to run in their DNA? Why do they as adults have to relive the financial hardships of their parents? Why should a parent who bore witness to their own parents’ struggle to put food on their plate, now calculate the size of each portion they feed their own child? Maybe it could be different. At least with regard to the food, the thing lacking most in this home, we could help them be a little less penurious? With your help, let’s cut them a little slack and allow them to properly and generously feed their children. So that with Mom and Dad are busy working multiple shifts, at least their kids shouldn’t go hungry.