Bringing Clarity to Charity

We believe donors shouldn't have to guess who their donation goes to, what it's used for, and how much of it actually reaches those in need. Watch our video to learn more.

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Creating A Direct Connection

ClearGiving creates a direct channel between you and families in need.
This way, you know 100% of your donation goes directly to the families and put to good use.


Donor chooses a family in need
and makes an anonymous


100% of donation is sent
directly to the family's
ClearGiving Card


Family buys groceries with
their ClearGiving card


Donor gets a donation
impact summary report

Food on the Table

Families living on or under the poverty line
don't need a fishing rod. They need fish.

With the ClearGiving card, these families can afford their most  basic needs, like groceries and food supplies, so they no longer have to worry where their next meal is coming from.

Once the family has guaranteed food, they can use their other income to buy other necessities like replacing worn shoes for the kids or a new backpack for school. By us giving food, we actually enable them to get other basic things they need.

Clear Giving.
Clear Impact

The People Behind the Technology

As experienced tech entrepreneurs, we made it our mission
to transform charity and bring it to the digital age

Shlomit Kapach

Shlomit, a mother of 7, and the founder of “Uvneh”, a nonprofit organization for the rehabilitation of youth and families in need.

Yariv Davidovich

Yariv is a Serial entrepreneur, Angel investor and a proud father.

Itzik Lerner

Itzik is the proud father of 3 kids, a managing partner of the “Palo Alto Group”, a software geek and an active Silicon Valley entrepreneur, involved in a wide range of cool startups.

Oren Dobronsky

Oren is a tech entrepreneur and angel investor for over two decades. A frustrated philanthropist who wants to fix charity as we know it.

Carmel Yoeli

Carmel is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Atreo, the world leading tech marketing and branding agency.

Asaph Sculman

Asaph is a serial entrepreneur and a marketing expert who held a wide range of leadership roles in startups in Israel and Australia.